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We all need the inspiration to succeed in our fields.  Nobody ever accomplishes anything significant alone, and if you have an idea, chances are someone has already tried to do something similar.  Having community members to look up to can be one of the most effective ways to develop your sense of entrepreneurship.  Whether it’s following advice from a close and trusted friend or making time to research other entrepreneurs’ success stories–only good things can come from the attempt to absorb as much information as possible on entrepreneurship.


This is doubly true if you are looking for advice on how to succeed in troubling times.  Few of us are blessed with a mentor to provide person-to-person guidance on entrepreneurship. If you don’t have anyone readily available to mentor you, look for mentors at a distance by investigating entrepreneurs who excite and inspire you. In 2020 alone, there are dozens of stories about entrepreneurs finding ways to thrive amid a pandemic. In studying these individuals and their successes, we can consider ways to implement their strategies into our entrepreneurial endeavors strategies. Let’s take a look at some of the most successful entrepreneurs of 2020 and what they did to succeed where others struggled.


Kash-Wayne Campbell

A real estate broker, investor, and mentor, Kash has done a spectacular job of living up to his first name.  In 2019 Kash-Wayne had a team of over 150 real estate agents and possessed a strong focus on giving back to the communities he works within.    Kash provides education for free via his youtube channel, which is a source of mentorship, even if it’s a one-sided relationship.


Dima Yohaev

Dima was perfectly positioned to excel during a pandemic that shut us all up for months at a time.  Dima is a social media expert, and he has helped more than 500 businesses develop and build out their social media presence.  Dima’s pool of connections is deep and helps him in building up new companies.  He is remarkably talented at teaching a style developed after years of social media experience to generate profit from followers.  He holds firmly to the business philosophy that Your Network is Your Net Worth, and he believes strongly in the power of connections for wealth and success.  While not a radical concept, Dima has taken this approach and blown it out to encompass social media useto maximize your network effectively.