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Leadership is a vital part of any business. Unfortunately, far too many businesses make common leadership flaws, leading to employees leaving for other companies. What are some of those mistakes and how can leaders stop making them and keep their best team members around?

Here are some of the most common leadership flaws to avoid to help employee retention.

Lack of Feedback

Some organizations do not provide proper feedback, if any at all, to their employees. When employees only find out how they are doing through complaints, it can be a frustrating experience. That is why regular feedback is so crucial.

Simply put, when you do not give feedback to your team, you deprive them of the chance to get better. Not only that, but it can be incredibly frustrating to only hear the bad feedback. Provide proper feedback.

Being Too Hands-Off

There is a precarious balance in leadership. Do you become a micromanager, or do you loosen the reins and give your employees the space they need? That balance can be a difficult thing to achieve and is easier said than done.

But by being too hands-off, there can be things that get lost in translation. It can lead to work being done improperly and it being too late to make changes. Communicate with your team, know where they are, and give them that freedom but be involved.

Not Defining Goals

Clearly defined goals should be part of any successful business model. Without goals, there is nothing to strive for and employees simply tread water. They muddle through the day without being all that productive.

Make sure the team knows what they are working toward. Not only does it give the team something to strive for, but it can help leadership create a more clearly defined plan. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the team can allow a leader to prioritize work based on those strengths and weaknesses. It also means striving for and achieving those goals, providing positive reinforcement for the team.