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2020 proved to be a challenging year for many, whether it was personally or professionally.  Global recession, global pandemic, and general instability can leave many corporations, companies and institutions shaken and nervous about what the future holds.  Still, there were also plenty of groups that excelled in the pandemic and used the opportunity to grow, change, and re-evaluate their present circumstances.  The steadying of the ship in these stormy times is rightfully attributed to leadership’s ability to keep people calm, focused, and moving in the same direction to tackle the same goals. All three of those tasks are easier said than done and become harder than the larger group you are attempting to manage.


There were plenty of leaders for the year who made impactful decisions across industries.  For some, this meant pivoting away from a prolonged project; for others, it meant finding a way to keep your team cohesive in the face of despair.  Plenty of employees have shared the significance of leadership and its role in helping them maintain a solid work ethic amidst Covid-19.   Let’s look at some of the last year’s leaders who excelled and what they did to make their communities feel safer, stable, and secure.


Dr. Anthony Fauci


Dr. Fauci became a staple for most Americans looking for a voice of reason and logic amid so much chaos.  He calmly and deliberately provided individuals with the pivotal knowledge they needed to protect themselves and their loved ones.  He was unafraid to speak truth to power and inspired millions to do the right thing and stay indoors during the pandemic.  The epitome of a good leader, Dr. Anthony Fauci, deserves immense praise, recognition, and gratitude for how his steady hand helped combat the Coronavirus.


 Jack Ma


The billionaire founder of Ali Baba, Jack Ma, managed to work for solutions when all others could point fingers.  As a firm believer in US-Chinese cooperation that exists, Jack Ma cut the guardian knot of geopolitical tension to provide much-needed relief across the globe.  He managed to donate thousands of testing kits and a million masks to the CDC and simultaneously managed to get 1,000 ventilators to New York State.  Mr. Ma didn’t just focus on New York, though; he also donated nearly 18 million masks, 3 million test kits, and a thousand ventilators to over 100 countries in Latin America and Africa.