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When times are challenging, employees look to the leadership in their companies for direction. Companies that give direction and hold strong values are able to motivate their employees to work together and rally around the company during challenging times. Continue reading to learn how to lead with purpose during times of change.

Communicate the Purpose and Values of the Company

First, it is important to share the purpose and values of the company with the employees. You need to make sure that they understand what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it, and why it is important. You can provide tangible examples so that they have a clear picture, and this gives them a meaningful purpose to work to achieve. It will bring them together as a team working towards a common goal.

Help Employees Connect

It is important to find ways to help employees connect with others from work. Remote working has proven effective, but the isolation can take its toll on some and leave employees feeling isolated and disconnected from work. Organize virtual happy hours, coffee time, or lunch. You can also have virtual work sessions so that people are still seeing others during the day. This helps employees feel connected throughout the day.

Show Employees That You Are Flexible

Show employees that you are empathetic to their needs during these trying times. When you are more flexible, they have the chance to balance work and life. They can deal with concerns brought about by the pandemic while delivering work and staying involved.

You can work with people to help them determine the best way to balance their personal life with their work life, especially if they are working from home or working in a hybrid schedule. It is important to show them that you trust them to make the right decisions as long as they continue to deliver value for the company.

Make Decisions That Show Value

Every decision you make when you are managing employees should be made with value. The values of a company are how they treat their employees, their customers, and their product. It is important to make sure that every decision is made with the core values of the company in mind.