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About Dan Idhenga

Based in New York, Dan Idhenga is intrigued by the realms of business, entrepreneurship, and finance. Currently, he is studying to receive his Bachelor of Business Administration from Baruch College, City University of New York, from which he expects to graduate in June of 2020. With a concentration in finance, a minor in political science, and sweeping interests in global affairs and macroeconomics, Dan is looking forward to diving head-first into the workforce upon receiving his degree. 

Throughout his academic career, Dan Idhenga has been presented with incredible opportunities to undergo personal and professional growth, both through internships and other leadership activities made available to him through Baruch College. He has actively participated in the school’s chapter of Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO), 50Five Capital/Baruch Fund, and Delta Sigma Pi, the Professional Business Fraternity. 

Dan Idhenga’s Experiences

As it relates to his internship experience, Dan served as a Tax Consulting Intern for Premier Tax Refund Center. During his tenure, which spanned the summer of 2016, Dan was responsible for preparing and processing federal and state tax returns in accordance with IRS guidelines; developing a client database using tools such as Microsoft Excel; and recommending applicable tax deductions upon reviewing clients’ incomes, professions, and industries. 

From May 2018 until March 2019, Dan Idhenga was entrusted with the role of Corporate Tax Intern by American International Group, Inc. In this capacity, Dan assisted in the calculation of the annualized effective tax rates for interim period tax provision reporting, consolidated quarterly business unit submissions of tax-discrete items, and analyzed financial statements of competitors to glean further insight into operations and other practices for the purpose of consolidation. 

Concurrently, Dan Idhenga has served as the Vice President of the Bonny Vaino Idhenga Foundation since 2014, when he stepped in to help conceptualize and draft the Hand-in-Hand for Africa and Namibian Literature Award. This award was designed to promote the creation and consumption of literature for youth in Namibia, thus encouraging more children and teens to read and, subsequently, create a higher demand for age-appropriate books from Namibian authors. 

Through Baruch College, Dan Idhenga joined a startup accelerator that granted him the opportunity to launch his own startup project, In Case Audio. Through this venture, Dan was introduced and acclimatized to the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of entrepreneurship, especially as it relates to bootstrapping and leading a successful company for a given period of time. 

During his time as Cofounder & CEO, Dan built a number of product prototypes and conducted primary market research by gathering data from musicians and inquiring what sorts of features they look for when purchasing equipment. Furthermore, In Case Audio was one of the ten companies that were handpicked to be mentored by industry leaders, who ultimately aided in the development of each company’s business model.

The above experiences, along with his curious and detail-oriented nature, have propelled Dan Idhenga to unprecedented levels of fulfillment. In the years to come, he looks forward to applying the principles he has learned and the insight he has gleaned to his own career trajectory. 

To learn more about Dan Idhenga’s interest in business and entrepreneurship, be sure to visit his blog page.